Privacy policy

1. Basic policy

JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Company”), shall protect personal information (information concerning living individuals which enable identification of a specific individual through name, date of birth, or other description contained in such information) through compliance with laws, regulations, etc. and internal rules concerning personal information protection, proper acquisition and use of personal information handled by the Company, maintenance of personal information in a secure and updated manner, and proper disposal.

2. Organizational activities
  • (1) The Company shall comply with laws, regulations, etc. concerning personal information protection.
  • (2) The Company shall establish and comply with internal rules for the handling of personal information.
  • (3) The Company shall regularly check whether personal information is handled properly and shall make improvements if problems exist.
  • (4) The Company shall request cooperation from group companies, organizations and individuals with whom it does business, and others to achieve the goals set in its internal rules.
  • (5) The Company shall make this basic policy available for viewing at any time by posting it on its website ( or through other means.
3. Handling of personal information

Except where permitted by laws or regulations to handle personal information in an exceptional manner, the Company shall handle personal information in the following manner:

  • (1) Development of internal system
    The Company shall have a manager appropriate for each kind of personal information and manage it properly.
  • (2) Acquisition of personal information
    When acquiring personal information, the Company shall disclose the purpose and acquire the information in a proper manner.
  • (3) Use of personal information
    When using personal information, the Company shall be keenly aware of the importance of personal information protection and use personal information within the bounds of the purpose of use.
  • (4) Proper management of personal information
    The Company shall implement necessary security measures to manage personal information.
  • (5) Respecting the rights of the owners
    The Company shall respect the rights of individuals concerning their personal information and shall disclose, correct, suspend use of, or take other actions in respect of personal information when so requested by their owners within a reasonable period of time and to the extent required under laws, regulations, etc.
  • (6) Continuous improvement of the handling of personal information
    The Company shall strive to continuously improve its handling of personal information.
March 2005
JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd.